Let’s Dagu

As your coach….

I want to work with you to make your best possible life visible, real and happening right now. In this breath, dare to awaken your full, true you. Get better from here. It’s your life. Your precious life.  What are you doing with it?

As your evaluator….

I want to work with your organization to connect how your contributions are making a difference for your clients, your stakeholders, to make the processes and impacts of your work more visible.  To inform your choices and actions to create your best outcomes.

As your circle practitioner…

I want to host a deeper conversation between us. A circle is an archetypal container and process to center our purpose so we can connect and act together. I am committed to holding space and safety for a more meaningful, purposeful dialogue.

The inspiration for Dagu Integral:

The word, dialogue, comes from the Greek “dia” (through) and “logos” (word and the principle that governs and develops the universe). A dialogue is a flow of meaning through words allowing new insights to emerge that may have not been present before. In dialogue we look for shared meaning beyond our individual understanding.

The Afar people of north-eastern Ethiopia possess a traditional communication system, dagu, to pass along the news of what their eyes have seen and their ears have heard to each person they encounter. Dagu is a revered responsibility to communicate trusted information.  The Afari have a saying, “Settled dagu and brisk dagu do not bring the same return.” Sharing what is important for each person takes time. The Afari have a passionate relationship with dagu, seeking to share what will benefit the most. Dagu is communication where equality and mutual care is at the heart of the matter.

Let’s Dagu….



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