It’s taken me a short 40 years to scare up the courage to say a full-bodied yes to life.   A full on, heart out and arms open wide showing up to my own life no matter how scared, tired or distracted I believe myself to be. To attend to the moment right now. Awake.

Now that I have found my path, embracing it each day step by step, my heart’s desire for the world, the one thing that keeps calling me awake is to open up possibilities for each person I engage. I am committed to opening up a way to wake up to our whole, real selves, to bring the richness of our insights to serve how we grow up – our personal evolution.

My Path – Looking Back

My path to here has been finding ways to support learning for others while occupying many roles. Supporting research in an academic library. Designing and evaluating ways to open up access to learning through technologies and learning resources. Creating opportunities to communicate better across differences through research in intercultural communication. And always asking more questions, curious to understand more about how we live, learn and grow.

My volunteered energies have gone to creating a better community locally; as a Cub scout leader and a community gardener. Growing boys to become citizens, growing vegetables to create connections with neighbours. I currently volunteer as a board member for a community organization dedicated to opening up learning opportunities for community members who experience barriers to learning.

My Path – Looking Forward

The path ahead is marked with signposts that compel me forward. Compassionate connection. Heartfelt neutrality. Developmental and integral evaluation.  Personal evolution. Making the possible visible. Intersecting community and structure. How all of these path markers can create a better world for all of us and a place for all of us in our world.  I am humbled by my path and excited by the potential that manifests when we come together.

My own life practices keep me on the edge of my personal evolution. Over 12 years pilates training focused on alignment, core strength and finding ease and fluid movement in physical challenges. Aikido training focused on positive connection, blending of force to grow confidence, flexibility and the peace to receive what comes both on the training floor and in life. A life-wide commitment to movement through gardening, walking and biking. Daily meditation to nurture presence and the flow of chi energy as a daily part of life.

My guiding question – “How can the light of my life shine?

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