Is Coaching for me?

As your coach….

I want to work with you to make your best possible life visible, real and happening right now.  Not sometime.  In this breath, dare to awaken your full, true you. Get better from here. It’s your life.  I’m in if you’re in.

Feeling stuck? Unsure of the next step? Or you know what is next but can’t seem to get very far? Do you live what you value most each day? Are you at a crossroads?  Is there a little voice, in your gut or your heart of hearts that calls you to step up, step beyond the comfortable edges of your life?  Or maybe you’ve been pushed, experiences in life – smack in the middle of your life – that tell you….this is not working as well as it used to.

As your coach, it’s my privilege to journey with you as you discover and remember your self, your whole self. To get past your stories of who you are – to embrace yourself, the you that shows up every day – the real deal of you in your life.  To hold the space for you as you build the muscles to be the person you want to be. And it is my deep and serious joy to be with you as you shine.  What is possible for you?  Wouldn’t you love to find out?

How would you like to energize your life?  What would your life, your family, your world be like if your spark glowed?

An Integral Coaching program is your customized life tune-up.  As your personal Integral Coach I will support and challenge you to:

  • Tune into your whole self
  • Bring your life into focus
  • Connect to your goal
  • Develop your capacities, the muscles to live your desired change, through intentional action
  • Become the change you desire in your life

Integral Coaching  is a registered trademark in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada and licensed to Cheryl Whitelaw.

Contact Cheryl for a free 30 minute coaching call to discover if a customized coaching program is right for you.

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